Connecting. Growing. Networking.

We are a group that is committed to each other's success through building relationships, sharing about our industries, and expanding our network of trusted business partners.

Are you looking to join a group to meet other business owners, grow your company, and get a pulse for what's happening in Lebanon? LERN is the perfect place to engage and start cultivating business relationships that you trust. 

Our Value

Gain Confidence

You'll have opportunities every week practice your pitch and learn how to communicate your value to clients or customers.

Receive Business Advice

If you have questions, need a solution, or want to hear from experienced businesses, this group will offer you a fresh viewpoint and excellent advice.

Open Networking

Our group has a variety of individuals from different industries, and we set aside time every meeting to have open networking in our group.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Networking Group?

A networking group is a place where business owners come together to develop their business, find new ways of connecting, and refer new business to each other.

What Is The Commitment?

We meet on weekly on Tuesdays at the Coffee Caravan in the back conference room from 8-9am. While we are flexible, we ask that you try not to miss more than 3 meetings in a row. This group is only going to be as helpful as the time and energy you put into it.

Who Can Join The Group?

Anyone can join the group! However, we try not to have too much overlap between businesses. Contact us to see if you would be a good fit!

What Is The Fee To Join?

We offer 2-3 free visits to see if the group is right for you. If you wish to become a member, it is $150/year. Once we receive your membership fee, we will get your contact information on the website.

Businesses Represented

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